In A Corner of Paris

In A Corner of Paris

Paris is part home, part inspiration, part intoxication, part spirituality, part essence, part inspiration, part every breath I take, part bittersweet melancholy, but most of all Paris is the very heart of me and whether I am there or here, Paris is always Paris….follow and enjoy…et merci beaucoup avec tout mon coeur


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  1. Bonjour from Paris!
    I have been wanting to write for so long about my amazing journey and life here in Paris and my tours, Ebay antique auctions and much, much more. I moved back to Paris after a 5 year absence 3 months ago with my husband Paul and our two petite chiens Tallulah and Stitches. You will be hearing a lot about Tallulah in future writings as she is a source of great Parisian inspiration. I am writing this under the zinc rooftops of my Parisian apartment just as the sun is beginning to set on a chilly winter day. Another morning at the flea market and a wonderful brocante tomorrow to look forward to. Paris c’est magnifique!
    Check out my website!

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