FB_IMG_1467242462865    printemp … spring has arrived in paris, slowly the temperature has begun to match the abundance of green leaves and magical flowers that have been making their appearance over the past couple of weeks …. last night, as i looked out of my window, well past midnight, there, through the patchy pink and yellow clouds, which are reflected from the glow of light that envelopes paris at night, there was a glorious golden moon …. just over the rooftops, perfectly framed in the chimneys on the other side of the courtyard … it was definitely a sign of things to come with the waking of the day …. i put on something spring like, shedding the heavy and dark winter clothes that we have all been wearing for so many months and left down the 7 flights of our staircase  and out into the almost balmy street below … i rode the metro to the north of the city into an area where we are hoping to live later this summer … the cafe’s were lively with people taking advantage of the spectacular day despite a sudden little rain shower … the streets were much more lively than the quiet area where we are currently living … after a few blocks i found the antique market that i came to see along one side of a busy street and strolled past stall after stall of french treasures culled from attics across the country, a piece of this history always follows me home, one of my favorite, a box with 10 euro items in which i found two old ornate metal teapots which translated mean joy … at the end of the market i turned to the right and headed in the direction of the apartment that we were hoping would be our future home in late summer … i walked up the winding streets through the sunday crowds where almost every other person was clutching a paper wrapped flower bouquet on their way to sunday dinner at the home of a relative or friend … just as i was crossing the street, bus number 95 was pulling up and i had just enough time to climb aboard through the open back door and make my way to my favorite bus seat with the large open window near the door … the driver squeezed through the narrow street once again filling me with amazement as to how he misses clipping cars and pedestrians as he does so … we started down the steep incline, heading toward the heart of paris when i looked down at my lap and noticed that the small cameo that had been attached to my bracelet was now in my lap … the cameo had been purchased in rome, on the street leading to the vatican, and i would have been so sad to have lost it … a lesson of appreciation … as the bus continued i saw the brick wall surrounding the cimitiere du montmartre (montmartre cemetary) just to the right and noticed an apartment for sale overlooking the cimitiere … i could see us living there, in the north of paris, very near the edge of the city … i feel myself the most in the world there, a peace, and yes i meant to spell it that way, of paris, the city that i love as a dearest friend … we continued down the hill to the opera garnier and i got off at the next stop, palais royal, my favorite spot in all of paris … i crossed the busy rue de rivoli, weaving my way past the japanese tourists coming of of the big duty free perfume shop and went in to carrousel de louvre and hurried past the throngs of more tourists buzzing around the corridors and into the coffee shop next to the louvre book store … a soft velvet chair awaited me and on the table in front of it was a book called ‘dogs of the louvre’ … page after page of precious and beautiful little dogs that grace the famous works of art housed there … i went into the book store and bought a few books on the cathedral of notre dame as i had recently become a docent and was working on my tours of this most important of landmarks of paris … i left the busy crowds and went back onto the rue de rivoli and into the hush of the palais royal just across the plaza … as i entered the arcades i could hear music and saw two young men playing clarinet and cello … paris never ceases to give up her gifts and today had already blessed me with so many … i walked into the garden and felt the crunch of the fine gravel under my feet … i walked back into the arcades and for a moment could hear the voices of history, the clink of glasses, the laughter and the muffled speech of those gone before … just as i was passing toward the rue du beaujolais i heard a beautiful aria being sung by a tenor with a small crowd around him … it ended just as i passed by and all was a hush again … i walked down the rue des petites champs and into the place de victoires and looking at the buildings surrounding the statue of louis xiv on his horse … i walked on to the market street of rue montorgorueil which was still busy with sunday shoppers and stopped to gaze at the fuzzy orange, yellow, green & pink poppies that filled a bucket on the corner of rue tinquetonne …. i would have bought some but my window boxes at our apartment were already overflowing with shocking pink geraniums and the joy that they give me was enough … i entered the digicode to the old blue door on the front of our rue de turbigo apartment. climbed back up the 7 flights of stairs and hugged my little dog who was waiting for me and knew in my heart that paris had once again given me the gift of one of her perfect days …. just in time for spring






Perfect Paris Day


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