That First Summer in Paris




So the days passed quickly….Pondicherry and I descending the stairs each day to walk the beautiful streets and ride the crowded buses of our new world…each night we would come home to our apartment on the rue St. Denis and lay in bed with aching legs…we were making a life and life was growing in the tiny window of our bathroom where I kept the little bleeding heart plant that I had bought on the nearby quai….and soon it was blooming much to my delight…just like our life in Paris was…many wonderful people came across my path that summer, first and foremost Gigi who has remained a lifelong friend, Brenda who I have sadly lost contact with and last saw the night I also lost Pondicherry months later, Lem who I have also lost contact with but who will never truly leave me….there was beautiful Vernita, amazing Adrian, creative Layla, awesome Alice and many more…5000 miles from 'home' and friends filled the days and nights in ways I had never known…it was a summer of true Paris magic that was to end too soon…a passing too quickly in more than one way…


About Paris

I am the creator of ParisByParis tours of Paris, France. My tours are inspired by my passion for this city and my knowledge and love of her history. I will show you on a very personal and intimate tour the beauty of Paris in a unique way. I love the secret corners, the flea markets, the seductive little cafes and gardens of this treasure of a city and I love to share it with others.

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